MOBOX - User Guide

1. Before Starting

This chapter will briefly introduce the basic information of the MOBOX project.

Help players understand the basic concepts related to the MOBOX project and the development direction of the project.

The "1-Minute Understanding" added in each section is used to assist in understanding the obscure and difficult concepts. Opinions are quoted from community players which not represent official.

2. Get Started

This chapter will briefly introduce the MOBOX platform, and demonstration of how to participate in platform event.

3. Advanced

This chapter details the information related to the MOBOX platform, include MOMO farmer, Yield Farming, MOMO NFT, veMBOX, featured systems and games.

At the end of the chapter, a summary of game guides has been added. The game guides is created by players in the MOBOX community.

4. Co-Build

The value of each blockchain project is driven by community. Therefore, community members should be rewarded based on their contributions to the community.

You can do whatever your heart desires. Every player can find his own side on the MOBOX platform.

This chapter will list the official social media of the MOBOX platform, the participation channels for community building, and the feedback channels.

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