Play 2 Earn

Common Ways of Play To Earn:

  1. Participate in Yield Farming on the MOBOX platform

  2. Participate in MOMO NFT mining

  3. Participate in Mystery BOX

  4. Participate in Games

1-Minute Understanding:

Participating in Yield Farming (Liquidity Mining)

  • If participating in MOMO mining

Participate in mining after pledged MBOX-BNB LP. At present, the average annualization of the entire platform is 200%, and there are up to 3 times boost program to choose from.

  • If you participate in the game

Mining income depends on the total hash power of your MOMOs. Owning a group of rare MOMO teams will have an additional fixed bonus hash of 300, so that is at least 320 total hashrate that can be obtained. Not only mining, but it can also be used in MOBOX games ie "Block Brawl" to earn income.

With three groups of rare MOMO, you can participate in "mining + Block Brawl sweep + Token master Adventure" at the same time, and the income will be significantly increased.

Players who are good at playing games will have many ways to earn extra income, such as smelting equipment in Block Brawl, trading equipment, ranking rewards, etc.

Another chance to earn income is by renting MOMOs to participate in games, rare MOMO only cost about 1 BUSD a day in rent.

Participate in Mystery BOX

The price of raffle mystery boxes is one-fifth of the average selling price last week, players are able to choose to sell the boxes to earn the gap. Players are able to open it and obtain a random MOMO. MOMOs can be used for mining or selling.

The above are a few of the common ways of play to earn.

The various systems in the MOBOX are intertwined vertically and horizontally, which will derive many ways for players to obtain income. We are look forward to players' exploration and discovery.

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