Mining Camp (NFT Mining)

This section will introduce the basic principles, income and operation methods of MOMO NFT mining

1. Learn about MOMO NFTs

MOMO is a an NFT asset of the MOBOX platform, which can be obtained by opening a mystery BOX or purchased via the NFT marketplace.

MOMO can be used for MOMO mining and games.

Rented MOMO's can not be used in the Mining Camp.

2. How to Participate

After you get MOMOs, the system will automatically stake it, so it starts to mine MBOX and generate income on daily basis.

*Staked MOMO does not affect the use of MOMOs in the game.

3. Income

The income distribution depends on the weighted average of the user's total hash power on the platform;

Simply, as the hash power increases the income will increase;

In the mining camp, user are able to browse the hash power they own as well as total hash of platform. The daily income from mining can be obtained at the position shown below.

4. MOMO Obtaining

NFT Market

In the MOMO farmer, click on the market and select the MOMO. Filter MOMO according to your needs;

Click MOMO to view the upgrade history.

Open Mystery BOX

Open the mysterious BOX to get random rarity and attribute MOMO.

There are currently two ways to obtain the Mystery BOX: first is market purchase, another is raffle.

For more info, please refer to "Box".

5. Hash Power

Fixed bonus hash

Each group of MOMO with 4 qualities of common, uncommon, unique and rare can obtain an additional 300 Fixed bonus hash.

For example, if you gather the following set of MOMO, you can get an extra 300 hash bonus.

Rules of fixed bonus hash

Click mining camp on MOMO farmer. The Rules are shown below.

Note: MOMO of the same group of images can only get a maximum of 300 fixed bonus hash, and will not repeat the bonuses.

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