Block Brawl


Block Brawler is an RPG game developed by team MOBOX, that focuses on battle strategy. Collect and smelt equipment sets, match skills and talents, and create the perfect strategy to defeat your friends and BOSSes.The Season in Block Brawler lasts for 2 weeks.Play & Strategise NOW!


Resource FactoryMOMO’s will gain talents, equipment, skills and other resources at a certain rate depending on their MOMO hash power.Talent TreeConsume talent points to light up the talent tree and gain powerful attribute bonuses and special skills.EquipmentEquip various gear and collect sets to gain special bonus effects.SkillsInlay skills onto your equipment and gain additional bonus effects.Ladder BattlePit yourself against your opponents and see who is the true MOBOXer. Increase your rank with each win and get placed on the leaderboard.Season RewardsThere are two leaderboards including Boss kill board and ladder. At the end of each season each leaderboard will be reset and players on the leaderboard.

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