Mystery BOX


1. What is Mystery BOX

The Mystery BOX is an NFT blind box in the form of BEP-1155, and its value is equal to a $KEY. Open the blind box to get a MOMO with random quality and hash power according to the probability.

2. What it can be used for

The BOX's are divided into MOMO NFT Mystery BOX and MEC BOX.

Open the Mystery BOX to get random attribute MOMO.

Open MEC BOX to get a random number of crystals, which can be used to increase the hash power of MOMO.

3. How to get income with Mystery BOX

1. The raffle cost is 1/5 of the average price in the BOX market last week. After the raffle is successful, you can directly sell the Mystery BOX.

2. After opening the BOX and receiving a MOMO, you can sell it or rent it on the market. The price of MOMOs will change based on market.

4. Raffle Rules

1. BOX is a BEP-1155 standard NFT. Each week there will be 1 BOX Raffle.

2. Normal Raffle : 2000 BOX per Raffle period, no limit to the number of wallets that can take part, each wallet can only draw for 1 BOX, stake a certain amount of MBOX tokens to take part.

3. Super Raffle : 18000 BOX per raffle period, a certain amount of veMBOX is required (refer to below table), a single wallet can only draw a maximum of 100 BOXs.

4. Every BOX raffle will have a raffle number. At the end of the raffle period, 2000 random raffle numbers will be drawn for BOX. For Super raffle, 18000 random raffle numbers will be drawn for BOX. If the total number of raffles is less than the amount of BOXs, all participants will receive 1 BOX.

5. BOX raffle price is 20 BUSD worth of MBOX tokens. Starting from Round 9, BOX Raffle unit price = Previous week average price / 5. The amount of MBOX required will be set according to the first raffle price. Total Raffle Price = Single Raffle x Raffle amount. Once you participate, your MBOX tokens will be staked/frozen , at the end of the Raffle if you did not get a BOX you can redeem your MBOX tokens.

6. BOX Raffle requires veMBOX, please view table below.

veMBOX Requirements

BOX Amount















5. Tutorial

6. Others

1. At a later time if required, veMBOX requirements may change.

2. All MBOX tokens used to win in the BOX Raffle will be burned.

3. Using Smart Contracts for the raffle is prohibited.

4. BOX Raffle rules will be decided by veMBOX voting in the future.

5. The unclaimed BOX can be temporarily stored for up to 8 raffle rounds. When the periods are exceeded, the part of the BOX will be destroyed, and the MBOX for stake will be returned. Therefore, please claim the BOX as soon as possible.

Your MBOX will not be consumed if the raffle fails, all MBOX will be returned to your wallet.

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